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Best lip balm for every need: moisturizer, primer, tint

    Think about your lips a little less from a makeup perspective, and more from a skincare perspective, and your lips will thank you for it.

    Lip balm is something that everybody needs! So here are for you the best lip balms to use before lipstick, or bedtime, or tinted lip balms for going outside.

    5 Best lip balms

    e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator

    Actually the first thing you should do before applying a balm is exfoliating. This step is to prepare your lips, so they can best receive the treatments you’re putting on.

    The e.l.f. Lip Efoliator is basically the scrubbies suspended in a balm, there’s a nice concentration of them, it feels super gritty. The grit is in the stick, so you’re not gooping in with your finger to some pot of a scrub, and trying to make it go.

    You just rub it across your lips a little bit, you don’t spend too long with it. After your lips feel supersmooth.

    It’s a nice thing to do nighttime before bed routine. And if you’ve got dry, flaky, cracked lips, what you should do first, is put a little bit of a balm on your lips, and just to soften them, and then exfoliate. This way you’ll see more of a result from it.

    Nivea Lip Balm

    This is a balm for absolutely any person, any occasion, man, woman,child. If you got dry lips, and you just need a good solid balm to reach for, go for Nivea. They make a variety of different scents and tints.

    They’ve got a great formula going here, there is a bit of thickness, but not greasy.

    The thicker the balm, the better it’s gonna stay on your lips, so your they are gonna be taking advantage of the hydration longer, and you are not gonna have to be worried about the reapplication thing.

    EOS Lip Balm Sweet Mint

    This is something to wear under lipstick, or whatever lip color you’re wearing, is kind of a primer. And it’s specifically the Sweet Mint, because not every formula in the EOS line is exactly the same, some have a little drier texture, but the Sweet Mint is a perfect texture to use as a primer. It’s just got a little less slip to it, than the Nivea, and so therefore it’s great under lipstick.

    The scent of this is truly like Orbit sweet mint gum in a balm.

    Apply this, and let the balm start to soften your lips, as you’re doing your whole makeup application. Particularly in the dry months it can be nice to have this layer underneath whatever lip product you’re wearing. So this is just a nice prep step.

    Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm

    Neutrogena definitely dominates in tinted lip balms. They do awesome balmy type of things. Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm has an oval shape, and it goes on so perfectly this way. Also it has an SPF 20, that helps protect lips and keeps them looking healthy.

    This kind of colored lip products can bring that life, and that color, and that energy to your face, but are still completely 100% feeling like a balmy lip treatment.

    Neutrogena Moisturesmooth Color Stick

    You can wear this and have that level of hydrating lip treatment all day long, but actually be wearing a full-on opaque color, that’s really cool. Over the last few years they’ve really expanded their shade range, they’ve got bright shades, dark shades, a really great nude.

    The one complaint I might hear on these, is from people who say the scent is strong, and they’re right, it is strong, but at the same time there are many other people who like this.

    Those are the best lip balms for every need. Now just find your best lip balm and enjoy your soft and smooth lips!