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How to tame frizzy hair: best anti frizz tips and products

    These tips together with the products for frizzy hair will help you achieve defined frizz free curls. Actually they will work no matter what your hair texture is!

    Last week I talked to curly haired girls and got some tips on how to get rid of frizz and how to fix frizzy hair. Now I’m ready to share those tips with you!

    Use satin

    If you wear a cap it really messes up and dries out your hair. To control frizz wear a satin lined beanie or a satin lined baseball hat. The inside is satin and the outside is just a normal cap.

    When you sleep, your tresses are rubbing against the pillow case, this causes a lot of breakage right there, and also a lot of frizz. Just use a satin pillowcase or a satin bonnet when you go to sleep.

    Other products you should have are satin scrunchies. They are perfect to make a ponytail or pineapple, and other carefree hairstyles.

    Moisturize hair

    Some people don’t know this, but frizzy hair is just dry. It’s thirsty. And you have to give it moisture. A good way to do this is to use sulfate free shampoo and deep conditioner.

    Sulfates are harsh detergents which they put in the majority of commercial shampoos. They destroy sebum, which is a natural oil produced by our scalp to protect our scalp and our hair. With sulfate free shampoo you will preserve more moisture, so you have less frizz. I strongly recommended you to look for sulfate free shampoos.

    Deep conditioner is also one of the best anti frizz products. Use it every single time when you shower, because deep conditioning implements deep moisture that will penetrate your thick hair to put more moisture.

    Use styler properly

    When you put your styler in your hair right after the shower, try to put it as soon as possible. Because the more wet your hair is, the more open the cuticle is, so it’s more accepting of the product. This way you’re going to be able to retain more moisture and retain more definition and control.

    When you do apply your styler, rub it in your hands, and then smooth it. Just smoooth. Smoothing is just going to literally smooth the hair, so there’s less frizz.

    Do not brush

    If you brush straight hair, nothing’s gonna happen. But if you brush textured hair, the brush is going to bust open that pattern and literally make your hair go crazy. So do not brush.

    And I understand that you have to get rid of tangles, so the best time is actually while your deep conditioning in the shower. If fingers are not enough for your tangles, use a wide tooth shower comb.

    Do not towel dry

    Terry cloth towels are the absolute worst thing that you can use to dry your hair, for the mere fact of because of the terry cloth fibers. The fibers are very big, so they’re very abrasive against the hair. They can cause a lot of frizz and they can overly absorb the moisture, leading to more frizz.

    Good news is that you can use a microfiber towel. It will help to absorb excess product and excess water. Microfiber towels are smooth and way less abrasive.

    Those are the anti frizz tips and tricks. Try them out, and get rid of frizzy hair!