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9 tips on how to get rid of bad breath

    Here I share with you what I learned about the causes of bad breath, life hacks on how to cure bad breath, and also remedies and treatments for bad breath.

    Bad breath is just something that happens to everyone. Whether you want to admit it or not, it has happened to you at one point in your life. But normal bad breath is just one of those things that comes and goes. So find the best for you mouthwash and toothpaste, follow these tips, and bad breath will not feel anxious about bad breath again.

    Get regular dental check-ups

    First and foremost, you have to get regular dental check-ups. I know, the dentists are not fun, but every 6 months you should go and get dental check-ups. Because if you have something rotting in your mouth, your dentist will catch that, and you need to get that removed. Going to the dentist is not just like “Oh, get your teeth cleaned”, it is also to make sure that everything in your mouth is healthy and good, so you don’t have bad breath.

    Check if you have tonsil stones

    The cause of bad breath might be tonsil stones. If you do not know what tonsil stones are, maybe you don’t have it. Tonsil stones are just one of those things that some people never experience in their life, and there are some people who get them.

    Basically, if you stick your tongue out and you look back into your tonsils with a small mirror or something, if you see these little rocks, like white or yellow pebbles, and it lets out the smell, that is a tonsil stone. And there is really nothing you can do to get rid of them. I’ve heard some people got rid of their tonsils, and that removed the problem, but that is kind of extreme.

    Actually you can safely remove tonsil stones yourself at home. What you can do, is take an interproximal brush that basically is used to floss the teeth, bend it at the tip on the spoolie, and just gently extend it to the back of your throat. Usually the tonsil stones just stick to the spoolie, because of the material the spoolie is made out of, but sometimes you might just have to try to slowly push it out.

    You need to be very careful and gentle with this, because you can accidentally poke your tonsils, which is uncomfortable.

    Another thing you can use is a gargle mouthwash, and try to flush it out that way. But if your tonsil stone is lying deep up in there, nothing will take it out, unless you physically go and pick it out.

    Stay hydrated

    Obviously whatever you put into your body is whatever it’s going to show on the outside. Whether or not you’re experiencing bad breath, drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruits and vegetables is always a must in your life.

    When you are dehydrated you tend to get dry mouth, and when you get dry mouth you get bad breath. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and eat lots of fruits and veggies, and you will see a huge difference in your breath. Just get yourself a glass bottle for water and always keep it with yourself to drink during the day.

    Brush your tongue

    Brushing your tongue is not less important than brushing your teeth, because a lot of bacteria get stuck on your tongue. A regular toothpaste doesn’t do the trick to brush the tongue, because it isn’t meant for your tongue. Instead just go on Amazon and look up a tongue gel and a tongue brush.

    Every morning and night for your oral routine use some of this tongue gel on a tongue brush, and these things will help you to get rid of bad breath. Brush your tongue, and you will see all the bacteria just slipping off like slime. Just make sure you’re being very gentle.

    Brush your teeth really good

    This one is like an obvious no-brainer, but brush your teeth twice a day, and do this really good. You want to make sure that you get into every crack and crevice. And don’t forget to floss at least once a day. Use dental floss picks or interproximal brushes for your everyday oral routine.

    Also you can use a mouthwash. And with mouthwash, make sure you don’t use one with alcohol that would dry out your mouth, because when you get dry mouth you tend to get bad breath. Whenever you look for a mouthwash make sure you get one that is alcohol-free and is gentle.

    Try probiotic for bad breath

    Sometimes when you are getting bad breath, it is not coming from your teeth, but basically it is kind of coming from within. In this case try a probiotic for oral health, like PRO-Dental by Hyperbiotics. It’s a chewable probiotic that helps neutralize bad breath odors. You can easily find it at Amazon.

    I know, whenever it comes to something that’s a pill, people are a little worried about it. But I haven’t heard any bad reactions to this probiotic so far. And you don’t have to use it every single day, just use this whenever you feel like you need it.

    On those days when you wake up and you feel like there’s this smell on the inside that’s coming up, brush your teeth, and after chew one before eating, and you’re good for the next few days.

    Find the gum or mint that works for you

    This really varies from person to person, but I definitely prefer gum over mints, I found that Dentyne works the best for me. If you’re someone who’s been chewing mints, and you find that it’s not really working for you, then try gum. And try different types of gums to see which flavor and which one works best for you.

    If you’re going somewhere special and you’re about to see someone special, just pop this piece of gum in your mouth, don’t chew it for over thirty minutes, and if you have to, pop in a new piece of gum.

    Drink and snack throughout the day

    Many people find that they get bad breath when they haven’t eaten or drank anything in hours. After all you should be drinking and having small snacks throughout the day to keep your body nourished. Try not to go too long without eating or drinking something.

    Cut out smoking and alcohol

    Lastly this is another no-brainer, but drinking and smoking really does affect the health of your mouth and causes bad breath. So if you can, minimize alcohol and smoke.

    Just keep in mind, these are hacks for people who have normal bad breath. There is normal bad breath, where it’s just everyday hygiene, and there’s also chronic bad breath, which is something that is way deeper down than just brushing your teeth and your tongue.

    If you follow all these tips, and you feel you have good oral hygiene, and you’re still experiencing bad breath, you definitely have to go check this out, because it could be something else.

    But for those of you who are experiencing just normal typical bad breath, I hope these tips on how to get rid of it help you out.