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How to whiten teeth for cheap: best teeth whitening kit

    I learned this from my friend who used to work at the dentist. What you need: sports style mouth guards, teeth whitening gel.

    Here is how to make diy trays for teeth whitening at home, and get white teeth for only 20$ cost!

    My friend used to work at the dentist, she used to help make the teeth whitening trays. And she knows, it would cost people hundreds of dollars. But she also knows how you can do it at home for super cheap! Now I’m going to share those tips and tricks with you!

    How to make the whitening trays

    First I’m going to describe how to make the whitening trays, and then I’m going to describe how to apply the tooth whitener to your teeth.

    Since the trays are an essential part of keeping the whitening gel against your teeth and not just slipping off, and making sure it whitens your teeth in the spaces, crevices, and in-between your teeth, I give here the description of how you can make your own, custom whitening trays at home.

    1. Take your customizable density sports mouth guards for adults.
    2. Fill a mug or bowl full of water. Put it in a microwave for one to two minutes. You just need it to be like boiling water. Be very careful taking it out.
    3. Then take your mouth guard and dunk it into the water, and hold it underneath the water with a spoon.
      The tray will get kind of wobbly and bendy, it might even shrink up a bit. As soon as it starts to do that, it’s ready to take out. If it doesn’t get wobbly and bendy enough, your water needs to be hotter, and then just try it again.
    4. Once you’ve taken it off, place it on your teeth, and then suck all around inside, and squeeze. Suck up and push it with your tongue, and then push it with your teeth, so it forms all around your gum line in the shape of each tooth. If it didn’t get hot enough, try it again in hot water. You want to make sure, this is really gummy and flimsy. It’s extremely important that it has the same shape of your teeth.
    5. Then you can just cut the excess edges away.

    Now let’s get to whitening

    1. Take your Plus White teeth whitening gel.
      My friend have been using it for about 10 years. She has tried all kinds of other things, but this is the tooth whitening gel she has used the longest. It’s never made her teeth sensitive, it’s only made them whiter and brighter! If you buy the Plus White whitening system kit, it comes with a horrible little tray, you can’t melt your shape, so you can just throw that away. It also comes with a little rinse that is good to use afterwards.
    2. Brush and floss your teeth. You need to make sure that you remove all traces of plaque, so the whitening product could really get in there and lift up those stains and yellowness.
    3. Take the tube with whitening gel. You can either apply it straight from the tube onto your teeth, or you can also apply it directly with help of your finger. Make sure you squeeze it into all the cracks, crevices, and spaces of your teeth. Put as many coats as necessary to all your teeth are covered.
    4. Put the whitening tray you’ve made into your mouth. Leave it in for five minutes. And then take it out.
    5. Take your toothbrush and scrub off excess whitening product, so it doesn’t dry and harden in it.

    Now for the rinse solution

    1. Mix 1 teaspoon of the rinse with 2 teaspoons of water.
    2. Swirl it around in your mouth for 15 to 20 seconds.

    And that’s all you need! A couple of football mouth guards and some Plus White gel.

    If you have really badly stained or yellow teeth, you can do it every few days, at first just make sure there’s no tooth sensitivity. Then it’s pretty much enough to do it once a week or once a month just to touch up the whiteness and brightness in your smile.

    Those are the tips on how to make the diy trays for teeth whitening, and how to use the teeth whitener at home. Try them out, and keep smiling those pearly whites!