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DIY scrub to soften dry skin

    If your skin is dry and needs a little moisturizing, then this DIY body scrub is the perfect solution for you. This scrub is a great combative for dry skin, is easy to make and has healing qualities too.

    Making your own body scrub is the perfect way to repair your skin without spending a lot of money. There are so many different combinations of oils and natural ingredients you can use to create your own blends.

    The ingredients are probably already in your kitchen cabinet, garden or available locally.

    The lemon and rosemary smell is so refreshing, and this scrub really can not be easier to make!


    1. 1½ cups of coarse sea salt,
    2. 3 tbsps of rosemary leaves (finely chopped),
    3. 2 tbsps of lemon zest,
    4. 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil,
    5. 3 tbsps of coconut oil (melted).

    How to make
    Mix everything in a large bowl.
    Package in one or several airtight containers and use within one month.

    How to use
    It is ideal to use this body scrub while showering.
    Scoop out a handful and gently rub on the skin.

    This body scrub will soften your skin, give you the healing qualities from the salt, and leave you feeling refreshed with the citrus aroma.

    Also it will make your skin glow, exfoliate your skin, increase blood circulation, improve cellulite, help with aging skin.

    Enjoy using the homemade salt scrub weekly in your bath or add a ribbon to give to
    someone as a gift.