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Homemade hair conditioner – rice mask for hair

    The unique composition of rice allows you to quickly restore unkempt or dyed hair, giving shine and elasticity to curls. Homemade rice mask or conditioner is rich in B vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6, B9), amino acids, and saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.

    Such a composition of trace elements carries out the structural strengthening of the skin and hair tissues.

    Combined with a moist base in argan oil, rice hair conditioner promotes accelerated restoration of damaged tissues, strengthens hair roots, and increases volume.

    Regular use of such a tool affects the acceleration of hair growth, slows down the aging process of tissues, and has an enhanced effect on maintaining the health of the skin and hairline.

    A rice mask in the form of a conditioner with vegetable oil components is suitable for all hair types.

    The recipe for the Homemade hair conditioner

    Ingredients and Proportions

    • White rice, 1/3 cup.
    • Water for cooking rice 1 cup.
    • Boiled water 1/2 cup.
    • Argan oil 1/2 tp.
    • Lavender essential oil 15 drops.

    Preparing the hair conditioner

    • Boil rice until tender.
    • Mix argan oil and lavender essential oil.
    • Put three tablespoons of cooked rice in the blender.
    • Add a mixture of oils.
    • Add 1/2 water.
    • Thoroughly grind everything with a blender until smooth.

    How to use the rice mask as a hair conditioner

    1. Transfer to a glass jar. You can keep it in the fridge for 5 days.
    2. If you get a lot of conditioner, it can be decomposed into icy molds and freeze.
    3. It can be stored in the freezer for a very long time. To use, you only need to defrost the required amount.
    4. It can be used after every hair wash.
    5. Apply to wet, clean hair, backing from the hair roots 4 cm.
    6. Rinse with warm water after 5 minutes.

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    Recipe for homemade hair conditioner - rice hair mask. Straightens and moisturizes hair


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